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Airports in London

London Heathrow Airport

London Heathrow Airport is a tourist attraction located in London, United Kingdom

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27 August 2012
When coming in from or flying out toward the west on a clear day, look out the window to catch a glimpse of Windsor Castle
Paul Brugger
20 April 2013
If you want real-time flight information tweet @flightstatus your flight number :)
J Crowley
30 October 2012
Don't waste your money on pricey + shitty airport food. Go straight for the Boots Meal Deal. £3.79 for sandwich, chips and drink. I lived off this steal for 6 months. Just don't get the prawns.
Shauna Causey
1 April 2012
It's hard to eat healthy when traveling but the orange giraffe restaurant has great options.
Peter Vesterbacka
29 March 2010
Just hang in there, it's one of the worst airports, but at least there's lots of flights out of here;-)
Courtenay Bird
24 March 2011
In Terminal 1 or 5? Grab a healthy bite to eat at Giraffe. Not only is it better than airline food, it's actually really good!
Hani Alawadi
15 May 2013
If you have VAT refund you need to approach the airport at least 5 hours before your flight.
Jonathan Smith
1 November 2010
Terminal 3; miserable staff, dirty toilets, poor selection of shops, crap short term car park, what more could you ask for? Oh.
Jonathan Choo
19 August 2014
London is a great city. Shame the airport isn't. Not even close. Raze it all down and start again.
Hugo Morales
20 February 2010
Free Wi-Fi @ Meeting Point
Jamison Ng
23 October 2013
Welcome to transit hell.
26 April 2013
Too crowded
Dan Kim
24 January 2013
Worst airport in the world.
Josh Gallagher
21 November 2014
South security gate is almost ALWAYS 50% less busy. Trust me.
David Fox
5 November 2011
Try and avoid any British Airways flight at all costs. Rubbish airline.
David Armano
23 June 2010
Customs for US passengers Take a while. Bring a book. :-)
May ♍
8 March 2015
Airports quality shows in busy times. Are the buildings designed for a large amount of people?How are the queues organized?Is it easy to navigate through terminals? LHR easily excels in all categories
Андрей Съедин
23 September 2013
Большой и достаточно понятный аэропорт, связь между терминали - на электропоезде. В зоне Duty Free можно купить практически всё.
Ir Fe
22 August 2013
Соотечественники, будьте бдительны: перевес может обойтись Вам в 12 фунтов за КГ. Родные авиакомпании (Транс. и Аэроф.) сговорились и теперь увлеченно "стригут" со своих
Luis Vargas
18 July 2013
Aeropuerto funcional. Sin duda un ejemplo de diseño internacional aunque no sra tan entretenido ni de diseño elegante como otros
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